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I survive because of a wireless lan at home, and an almost stubborn wish for a bugfix Justin was wrong about the reset, there is no visible userspace reset, but something else – some IOCTL maybe – crashes it. Update Manager popped up yesterday with several updates, kernel update included. On the second attempt log3a it worked. It may in fact be for a completely different huawei model. Agente Roger Agente Roger Messaggi:

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No firmware update option from within Linux. Now she has it installed, Huawei e modem, but Network manager does not automatically see the modem, nor does it ask for the ISP info automatically.

How to run Zain, Canar & Sudani modems in Ubuntu

To remove the meta-package, would mean any future kernel upgrades would not be triggered automatically. A patch somewhere along the line between linux-image-generic 2. In view of the many complaints and much distress above from people who depend on these modems, much more so than myself, can we now please have the updated kernel in the repositories as quickly as possible?


Running apt-get update and apt-get upgrade has similar results. Lets wait and see. Really frustrating to see. If the dongle is your only Internet connection you will have to save the kernel update packages on a flash disk and use them to upgrade after you installed 9.

Neither with kernel 2. It should work ok because, according to the changelog, Ben H’s patch has been applied. I also wonder if, as Ben Herrenschmidt commented earlier, we have multiple problems. Then mounts again and so on The kernels can be found at the URL below:.

Have to go back to to use the USB dongle! Who is responsible for adding a ‘Known Issues’ comment on the Ubuntu homepage for the huaweei Kernel log messages don’t show problems. Carl Englund englundc wrote on The answer is that neither Canonical or the kernel developers at www. Well, my E still doesn’t work.

I also tested 2. Activating ‘karmic-proposed’ and ‘karmic-backports’ I installed 2. Yes, I had the same issue. After several attempts at workaround, I’ve decided to wait for Ubuntu to fix this problem, and use my pay-as-you-go back for on-road connectivity.

If I enter a rule for my modem in hsdpa. BTW I am using the kernel with Ben’s ‘hack’ patch you posted at So don’t tell me that Windows don’t compete with Ubuntu.


[ubuntu-it] Problema con Huawei E1692

The current proposed’ release is 2. The linux Ubuntu task represents the updated E16922 kernel, the Karmic sub-task tracks Karmic release status. The modem worked on first connection, both the USB memory part and the modem showed up – the modem had been configured already previously on Jaunty so no configuration was needed now.

The kernels can be found at the URL below:. I am an IT professional.

Can i ask you, if i want to revert to 9. This patch went into 2. Is there planned to create latest iso images after this bug will be fixed?

Why else would r1692 be over many angry posts on this bug — and growing? In case you really don’t want to stick to 2.