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If the drive dies as a result of some other process That is the reason I bought this drive to replace a damaged one. The data needed was only a folder containing pictures that were not backed up sinse the last backup, the folder was less then mb The lowest-priced item that has been restored to working order by the manufacturer ‘manufacturer refurbished condition’ or an eBay seller or a third party not approved by the manufacturer ‘seller refurbished condition’. Previous topic Next topic.

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Reviews eBay Facebook Google. If you drop your computer, expect it to be easily damaged.

ST94019A, 3KW, AMK, PN 9Y1422-035, FW 5.11, Seagate 40GB IDE 2.5 Hard Drive

The exact condition is not specified, so consider this unit to be “Used” or judge by the image. We will gladly look up any other information about this hard drive, in case the information that you are looking for is not specified in the listing and not clear on the picture.

Then copy the files you need, one by one. I recommend Media Tools Pro. Thanks for the quick st94019

So the question here is time only, If the drive is still working and the amount of data to get is really small why risk wasting lots of st90419a with a full image? I have no idea how long the drive will be operable to perform DR.


You might need to use something like restorer or any other logical recovery software if st940019a can”t access to the drive directly, but in any case DON’T TRY to fix the bad sectors neither try to image the hole drive if all that you need are single files You are incredibly fast.

Donor Drives is a hard drive refurbisher and a leading data recovery parts supplier with over 30, of unique products in stock.

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If not, tools like restorer pro will be able to retrive files and do a single read on bad sectors. The important data starts from about LBA 14 million onwards on the second partition.

And if the files that he wants end up outside the image it’s game over. Picture is not a stock photo; it is the picture of an actual item sold.

Running Seatools long mode: Assuming you don’t have access to pro tools such as DeepSpar or Ninja. Rewards Program Donor Drives offers a great rewards program that offers our Partners who buy regularly generous discounts on sf94019a with us. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This donor hard drive is priced, based on its rarity, rather than capacity or condition.

The fewer the number of read attempts, the fewer chances that Restorer will read data from the bad sectors successfully. Of course you would need a licensed version to recover the files but you can test this out st94019z the demo.


Boot into windows and wait for the system to become ready. Display posts from previous: Worse, it may further damage your drive.

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July 18th,3: What is the best way to restore data from a hard drive on which new bad sectors are constantly appearing? Don’t power-on the drive unless you are ready to copy the files and try your luck.

They are prone to st94019x and motor bearing failure, but it depends on what use you have made of the drive. Recommended for advanced users only. If it doesn’t work, try to use software like Restorer pro or GetDataBack or something like that to try to find files on the damaged drive. I think that the question here is the amount of data needed from the drive.

That FAQ is pretty good. Sure, i would advice Prosoft Media Tools also but it’s a very expensive tool if the files needed are few Step-by-step guide on replacing your defective hard drive circuit board.